It might sound and feel romantic to love a person with all your heart and soul. However, this kind of love can really hurt if the person does not love you back. We know several people who take so much pride in being in one-sided love. They don’t care if their crush reciprocates or not, they continue loving them like they are in a relationship. This can get really dangerous if you do not control it or get over it. One sided love is what leads to stalking.  There have been so many cases in India where jilted lovers have attacked a person for not reciprocating their love. Your love can turn into obsession someday, before you even know it. So if the person you love has made it clear that he/she does not feel for you, it is time you take a step back. There is nothing good about being in a one sided love story. And if you do not know how to move on, we will give you 5 ways to do it. ALSO READ These 5 signs say that you are in a one sided love affair!

No social media stalking

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In today’s age since everybody is so active on social media, we are sure you get most of your updates from there. So the first thing you need to do to get over this one sided obsession is to stop stalking your love on social media. It doesn’t matter what they post, who they are with and where they hang out – you definitely need not know these facts. All these updates might affect you, so either delete them or you should stay away from social media for sometime.

Socialize a lot with friends

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It can get really tough for you to accept that this person does not love you the way you do, especially if you two have been friends. But the best way to get yourself diverted is friends. Spend time with your friends, hang out with them often and just have fun. The one thing you need right now is to be not reminded of that phase when you loved somebody who didn’t love you back. ALSO READ Signs of a jealous and possessive girlfriend: 10 red flags you simply cannot ignore!

Meet new people


Socialize with new people too. Do not just stick to hanging out with your friends. If you ever get an opportunity to meet new people, go for it. You could also log onto dating apps, go on casual dates and flirt with other people. The whole point here is to feel good about yourself. Value yourself and see your worth. Just because one person didn’t reciprocate your feelings, it doesn’t mean there is some fault in you. So meeting new people and the good things they think about you might make you feel better.

Do not look for reasons or a closure

Once the person you love has said he/she does not have any kind of feelings except for friendship, be the nice one and take a step back. Do not go looking for reasons or for a closure. You don’t need it and he/she does not owe you one. A no is a no and that is exactly how you should take it. Do not forget you two weren’t in a relationship, so asking for closure makes no sense. Just because you guys spent some time or exchanged few messages, does not mean he/she owes you anything at all. So exit gracefully once you get a no. ALSO READ How to love yourself: 5 tips to help you love yourself unconditionally!

Love and pamper yourself

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No matter what they say, love who you are. Unrequited love is painful and we agree, but instead of wasting your time in grieving, just make the most of this time to love and pamper yourself. Go out shopping, get a makeover done, go do all your favorite things. This is one of the best medicines to get over one sided love. Go for spa massages, head for a small trip and do anything that makes you happy. This will also give you time to introspect.

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