American model and actress Emily Ratajkowski has a fan following all over the world and she makes sure she uses her celebrity status to talk about campaigns close to her heart that includes women’s health. The model who was born in London became a instant sensation when she featured in the music video Blurred Lines and since then, there’s been no looking back. Models are known for their great bodies as that’s what matters the most and so we assume that they work out all the time and eat only salads all day long. However, when you see Emily’s diet, you will be shocked to know that she indulges in everything she likes be it pastry for breakfast or steak and fries for dinner.

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The model lets herself go whenever she wants as she just loves to eat. In fact, she recently confessed during the Jimmy Kimmel Live show that her refrigerator is full of food items all the time. So, if you are wondering how she stays looking so stunning, Emily says it is because she goes for hikes and does yoga couple of times in a week. And even though she tries to eat at least one meal that’s healthy, she doesn’t follow crash diets or starve herself to stay in shape.

Emily loves meat and desserts. In fact, in the morning, she has coffee and pastry for breakfast. Her lunch is usually just salad and a sandwich and her dinnertime is when she goes out to socialize with friends and have wine and food at an Italian restaurant that she loves. Emily doesn’t like to cook and often orders Indian and Thai food as she loves these cuisines. She even prefers eating them lying in bed. While we must add that it not show on her body, she does have a few habits that may not work for someone trying to lose weight. Emily’s Instagram is also proof of her love for food and no, we aren’t talking about salads, she puts up photos of indulgent dishes that will make you salivate.

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The model seems to have a really good metabolism to burn all these calories without really working out too much. She looks simply stunning in a bikini and she often shares photos of her doing mundane things like drying her clothes or doing her makeup wearing a bikini.

Edited by Kriti Saraswat-Satpathy