Regular coffee drinkers may love trying different brews from around the world but when it comes to their morning cuppa, they usually prefer one taste over the other. Be it black, strong or milky and frothy, coffee lovers have a set taste and preference that they have every day. But did you know, according to research, how you take your coffee reveals your personality traits. According to a 2015 survey, the way people like their regular coffee says something about the person they are and even though it may not be entirely true to you, it has some truth to it. So find out what your coffee reveals about you. (ALSO SEE 5 amazing facts about coffee)

Black coffee

If you like your coffee black, you are likely to be antisocial and narcissistic. You may not be a complete description of what the study says, but you are likely to have their traits in your personality. Black coffee is also bitter in taste and most people do not like it for this very reason. But if you are a regular black coffee drinker, these are the traits of your personality.

Sweet and milky coffee

If you like your coffee to be sweet and milky, you come across as a friendly person who is easy to talk to and mingles easily in a social group. But too sweet coffee also implies that you are either stressed or treating yourself. It also means that you need more attention in a social circle than a person who drinks black coffee. (ALSO SEE 5 things that happen when you drink too much coffee)


People who drink espressos regularly are believed to be well-travelled around the world. These people are also believed to have a refined taste and can border on being pretentious too. Since espresso is also a bitter flavor, it is associated with people who have a bold personality and like class and sophistication.

Bit of milk and sugar

People who like a little milk and sugar in their regular coffee are those who are balanced in life and like to keep it that way. They enjoy life at the same time have some bitter experiences as well but lead a regular, balanced life. (ALSO SEE World’s first clear coffee got invented)

Instant coffee

If you are one of the many who doesn’t like to take too much effort and would rather just drink instant coffee, you are a bit lazy and a procrastinator. You don’t like putting too much efforts in things and like to leave things until the last moment.


People who often drink decaf are considered to be cautious people who always like to be in control. They are also those who want the taste in a safe way without having its effects on them. Decaf drinkers do not like to take risks and prefer the safe path.

Flavored coffee

People who like to try flavored coffee like mocha, hazelnut, caramel, etc are believed to be adventurous and risk takers in real life as they do not mind trying something new and different on a daily basis. They like variety and are not scared of change.

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