Before you join any class or go for any physical fitness activity, one of the most important thing to purchase is a well-fitting sports bra. Breasts are made of soft tissue and often move up and down and side to side if they aren’t contained in a sports bra. No, you regular bra is not a compensation for them as they need extra support during physical activities so that they stay in place. When you choose a wrong-fitted bra, you aren’t doing any favor to your breasts as it completely defeats the purpose of protecting them. And so, here are a few tips that will help you select the right sports bra for your workout sessions. (ALSO SEE What happens if you do not wear a sports bra)

Check the band fit

The band is the most important part of any sports bra as it provides the basic support to your breasts. And so, it is essential that you get its fit right. First things first, the band should fit snugly just under the breasts, on the rib cage. Secondly, it should be tight enough but not too tight that it interferes with your breathing or causes discomfort. Try to sneak in two fingers under the band to get the right fit. If you want to know your right band size, use a measuring tape and place it around your rib cage. Remember, your band size will be bigger than the inches you measure here. For instance, if your measurement is between 27 to 29 inches, your band size is 32. It is better to always try the sports bra than to go with a set measurement as the make, fabric and design can alter the size and fitting of the bra.

Get the right fit

Apart from the band fit, the cups are also important because if they are small or big, they will not be able to support the breasts. If you are using a measuring tape, measure the fullest part of your breasts and ensure that the tape does not droop at the back. However, we again suggest trying out the sports bra. You need to check the fit, again it should not be too tight but not too loose either. The two-finger test works here as well. Your breasts should not spill out of the bra either from the sides or the top. You will need bigger cups if this happens. (ALSO SEE Serena Williams shows us how to make sports bra look glamorous)

Check its support

Once you have got the right fit, it is time to check how supportive is the sports bra. For this, you can do a bit of jumping or running on the spot in the trial room itself. The idea is to prevent the breasts from moving too much. The bra should be able to restrict their movement so that the breasts do not jump as you jump. Obviously, sports bra only reduce the movement, they do not completely stop it. But the idea is to buy one that restricts it the most. Choose a bra with a racer back if your physical activity is intense, if it medium, you can opt for broad, straight straps and if it is light like walking or meditation, you can opt for adjustable straps as well. (ALSO SEE Tips to choose the right workout clothes for women)

You can use a sports bra for as long as the fit is fine. Once it gets too loose or tight, it is time to change it.

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