Water is an essential commodity that our body needs in order to ensure that it functions well. This is hardly surprising considering 60 per cent of our body is made of water. But even so, many of us don’t really pay attention to the amount of water we drink in a day. Most celebrities who have great skin attribute it to drinking lots of water every single day and even though it may not be the only thing they do, it certainly works wonders for the skin and body. However, if you are struggling to drink enough water every day, we have some hacks that can help you drink up more. According to research, drinking 8 glasses or close to two litres of water every day is essential. If you aren’t able to do so, use these tips to ensure you drink enough water.

Keep a bottle of water near you

This is one of the best and most effective ways to ensure you drink more water. Keep a bottle or jug filled with water near you so that you can see it easily. When you see water, you are more likely to drink it and feel thirsty as opposed to if you don’t have it in front of you. It is best to keep a bigger bottle say at least of two or three litre and try to finish it before the day ends. This way you will ensure you drink the required amount without having to refill it. Because at times, refilling is also is a reason we tend to lag in drinking water.

Use a water drinking app to track your progress

With the advent of smartphones, there are apps for almost everything and anything and so it is not surprising that there is not one but several apps to track your water drinking progress. Many are free as well so don’t have to spend a penny, just install them on your phone. Some of these include Waterlogged, Daily Water and iDrated. Many apps not just keep a log of how much water you drink but also remind you to drink water after some time. It is worth using your smartphone to help you drink up using such apps.

Add some flavor to water

If you find drinking water boring, add some fun to it with nautral flavors. Infused water has additional health benefits apart from the taste. You not only will be able to drink more water but also be able to enjoy the taste. Add a lime wedge or some mint leaves or fruit slices to your water filter, bottle or jar. These will lend a slight flavor to the water and make it easy to drink it. Not just that, they are good for health so you can reap in those benefits too.

Add ice to your drinks

Water is not the only drink we have in a day. Many people have juices, fizzy drinks, etc. In order to add some amount of water to them, add ice cubes in it if you cannot dilute them with water. This will add some extra water to your daily quota. You can also add ice cubes to the regular water you drink as that too will increase water intake slightly. However, some researches do say that drinking too chilled water may not be could for health while there are some that say that it curbs appetite and helps in weight loss.

Drink water before every meal

One more thing that can help you drink more water is to drink a glass before every meal. This will work in two ways. First, it will make you slightly full and you will end up eating less that works if you want to lose weight. Secondly, it is always better to drink water before meals rather than post meals. If you do however prefer drinking water after meals, you should wait for 15-20 minutes before you do so. The other trick you can use is to drink water after every bathroom break. However, you can measure the amount of water you want to drink post your loo visit if you feel a glass is too much intake.

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