When it comes to Indian weddings, Mehendi ki raat is one of the most important pre-wedding ceremonies. The bride-to-be gets her hands and feet adorned with beautifully intricate mehendi designs. There are a lot of deep rooted cultural significance of this fun-ceremony that every bride looks forward to. Application of mehendi is a good omen and it is also deemed to be a symbolic representation of fertility. Every bride wants her bridal mehendi to not only look gorgeous and but also rich in color. A lot of brides out there dread not getting the intense color of the henna on their wedding day. Though application of mehendi is quite a simple process, but there are some post-mehendi application tips that can be followed to make your bridal mehendi darker. (ALSO READ Indian bridal beauty and makeup tips: 11 handy tips for Indian brides to look gorgeous on their wedding day).

Do not wash it off

If you want your mehendi designs to last longer and to get an intense color, do not wash off the henna with water right after that. Wait for at least  6 hours, if you can keep it longer then you can leave it overnight and then scrape it off the next day once the henna gets dry and flakes off. You will see the rich color develop if you leave it longer.

Use lemon and sugar mixture

Using lemon and sugar mixture on your hands and feet post application of mehendi will make the mehendi design more rich and dark. To make a lemon and sugar mixture, boil some sugar in water and allow it to cool and transfer it into a bowl. Add few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice and then apply this mixture on top of the mehendi designs a couple of times. This mixture will help making the mehendi darker as it will seal the henna for the deep penetration of color and the acidity of the lemon will help to make it darker. (ALSO READ Bridal makeup tutorial for sangeet: Step-by-step guide to look radiant on your sangeet night).

 How to make your bridal mehendi darker: 4 ways to make your mehendi dark and long lasting!

Heat a few cloves

Running your hands over the fumes of cloves will help with the penetration of the mehendi on your palms. So after you have applied the sugar and lemon mixture, heat a few cloves on a pan and then carefully run your hands over the fumes. The fumes will dry up the lemon and sugar mixture and later you will notice the rich color of your mehendi designs.

Wrap up your hands

By wrapping up your mehendi adorned hands, you trap the heat, which will make it darker. Also, you do not end up spoiling the intricate designs by wrapping them up. But if you are not sure about it, ask the artist to wrap the designs gently to get a rich and darker color. Remember to do this after the mehendi has dried or else you can smudge it. (ALSO READ Bipasha Basu’s Bengali bridal makeup: Step-by-Step guide to Bipasha Basu’s gorgeous wedding makeup look).

 How to make your bridal mehendi darker: 4 ways to make your mehendi dark and long lasting!

Apply oil or balm

Once the mehendi has dried, apply some mustard oil using a cotton ball. Or you can also use balms like Vicks or Iodex to trap the heat. You can apply this before scrapping off the mehendi or after scraping off the crust. It will stimulate the henna for  deep penetration into the skin.

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