Chafing between thighs happens to the best of us. Are you tired of the uncomfortable and painful thigh rashes? Well, with just few pointers you can make them a thing of the past. Yes, chafing between the thighs is the worst but it can happen to anyone due to various reasons. It is mostly caused by a lot of friction, excessive sweating and irritating fabric. We share with you some tips to deal with chafing between your thighs.

Use petroleum jelly

Use petroleum jelly(2)

As mentioned above, too much friction can cause chafing. So, if you walk or work out wearing tight fitting clothes, it can make your skin wear away. You can lubricate your skin by rubbing a little bit of petroleum jelly between your thighs to avoid this painful problem. Avoid creams with fragrance that are likely to irritate you more. (ALSO READ 10 petroleum jelly beauty hacks that will change your life!).

Use talcum powder

Use talcum powder

You can also develop red and painful skin patches if you sweat excessively as the moisture can break down the top layer of your skin, leaving it irritated and painful. You can prevent it by adding a layer of protection over your skin from perspiration. Simply dust some talcum powder before you head out. You can also roll on some antiperspirant near sensitive areas to prevent chafing.

Change your workout gear

Use talcum powder

Your skin might be getting irritated also because of the type of your workout gear. So ditch loose fitting cotton pants during workout as they will trap moisture and irritate your skin. Opt for moisture-wicking fabric that cling to your body. (ALSO READ Gym clothes for women: Tips to choose the right kind of workout clothes and how to dress up before you hit the gym).

Clean the rash

Clean the rash(2)

If you already have a rash, do not use harsh soap to clean the area as it can aggravate your skin. To not make the situation a lot worse, opt for a mild cleanser to clean the area and don’t scrub it. Wash gently with warm water.

Wear breathable cotton clothing

Wear breathable cotton clothing

During the day, when you are not working out, wear something light. Always wear breathable fabrics such as cotton or linen. The fabric will not aggravate the rash and make things even worse for you. (ALSO READ Gym clothes for men: Tips to choose the right workout clothes for the gym).

Consult your doctor

Consult your doctor

If after a while you feel that the rash is not getting better, you might have an infection. So it is better to consult your doctor, because since the skin has worn out, it would be easy for bacteria to settle in. So visit your doctor, the professional will suggest some medicated cream to help heal the rash.

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