You must have felt that she is the one for you but then, with time, that magic disappeared. You care for her but there is no spark. Sometimes, as we spend time with our partner, we realize that we are not as compatible as we used to be. We grow as a human being and sometimes we grow separate. It is nobody’s fault and you need to tell your partner that it is over. We know, there is no easy way to tell her that it’s over but you should not drag a relationship on only because you are too afraid to break up with her. Here are some tips to break up with your partner with decency. (ALSO READ How to deal with break up? 7 ways to move on easily!)

1. Break up in person

If you have decided to break up with your girlfriend, then do it in person, face to face. That way she will understand that it is difficult for you as well. Do not break up on the phone as it will come across as impersonal and heartless. Even though it will not decrease the pain of a break up when you break up in person, it shows that you respect the relationship you had with her.

2. Do not argue

Do not argue
Do not argue

You know she will be angry and hurt, so give her a break. Avoid any argument at that time. It will only anger her more and is disrespectful. If she says hurtful things, do not belittle her or start a debate. (ALSO READ How to deal with Breakup: These are the 6 psychologically proven ways to get over your ex!).

3. She deserves an explanation

You need to convey the exact reason for breaking up, she deserves to know. She will ask why you are breaking up and you must have an answer. So, prepare your answer and tell her calmly and clearly why you do not wish to continue the relationship.

4. Do not just leave her

Do not just leave her
Do not just leave her

Once you have explained the reason, don’t just run out of the door. Wait for it to sink in and be prepared for a range of emotions. She needs time to process it and may have some more questions. Be patient with her and clarify all her doubts calmly. (ALSO READ: Ladies, these are the 5 mistakes you should never make after a breakup!).

5. Break up privately

Do remember that break ups can be an emotional situation, so do it in a private place. Do not take her to your usual romantic spot for break up.

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