Independence Day is celebrated in India on August 15 every year to commemorate the freedom attained from British colonization in the year 1947. This year marks the 70th year of independence, if you wish to celebrate the Independence Day 2017 to the fullest, we share with you some amazing makeup tips to nail this Independence Day! These tri-color makeup tips will help you show your patriotic side with the tri-color inspired makeup and outfit. We had shared with you Republic Day inspired tri-color eye makeup; horizontal tri-color eye makeup palette or vertical tri-color eye makeup palette earlier, here are  some basic makeup tips that you can use this Independence day.

Before you begin with the tri-color makeup, make sure you start with a clean face. Cleanse your face and apply some moisturizer. Follow it up with some foundation that matches with your skin tone. Use a brush or a makeup sponge to blend the foundation well. Use some concealer to hide dark circles under your eyes, uneven skin patches, blemishes and other problem areas. Blend well using a beauty blender to get an even toned skin. Now, you can proceed with the tri-color makeup, do not forget this step is important because, your tri-color makeup will only stand out if you start with an even toned base makeup.

For your eyes, you can wear a bright green colored eye liner and wing it out with white eye liner. The white will also brighten your eyes and make them look bigger. Follow this up with mascara to accentuate your lashes and make your eyes pop. You can use all three colors of eyeliner saffron, white and green using multiple strokes to make it look more trendy.

Independence Day 2017: Here's how to rock the tri-color makeup on 71st Independence Day

Another eye makeup option is to wear the white eyeliner by applying a frosty white eye shadow and blending it on your eyelids. And if you wish to go bold, sport a tri-color by painting it on your cheeks with instead of wearing your usual blush.

You can also experiment with your mascara by applying a dash of electric blue color instead of the regular black mascara on your lashes. It will not only make your eyes pop, but also make you stand out!

For your lips use a bright orange lip color. Decide if you want to go glossy or matte and then choose a lip color accordingly. And if you are bold enough to try green lip color, go ahead and paint your lips green. Just make sure to keep the rest of the makeup minimal.

Independence Day 2017: Here's how to rock the tri-color makeup on 71st Independence Day

If you like trying crazy manicures, you can paint your nails with bright saffron, white and green color. It is up to you if you want to sport individual colors or all the colors together.

Independence Day 2017: Here's how to rock the tri-color makeup on 71st Independence Day

Try to highlight just one feature with the tri-color makeup and keep the rest muted, otherwise it will look over-the-top. So try to keep it simple and only focus on one of the features. If you are doing up your eyes, keep your lips and cheeks muted. And if you are using tri-color makeup on your lips or cheeks, just apply a kohl on your eyes. Experiment with some tri-color accessories to match with your outfit and the makeup. Try these simple makeup tips to flaunt your best style this Independence Day!