When Diet Prada started calling out design plagiarism, the international industry took notice and was abuzz with who would be called out next. In this day and age of technology, it is difficult for someone to steal a design and then say that they were ‘inspired’. Little did we know then that this handle would inspire an Indian version of the blog called Diet Sabya.

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#houseofeda’s sanskari take on @ashish’s sequinned Rush sweatshirt is basically #jugaad. . . #gandi #copy # #dietsabya

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The information section of the page says that they are, “Diet Prada’s Fierce Desi Sister”, and has gained almost 5000 followers. This page is operated anonymously and is followed by the who’s who of the industry, they have even called out many leading designers for plagiarising their designs.

For instance, Masaba was called out for plagiarism for one of her caps that had the same style as another designer Kanika Goyal, but she wasn’t having it and responded with,” Cute attempt. But the CANT cap by me has been done by Kanika goyal ( the CAN’t idea is mine ) but she has manufactured it for me, as she has the BAESIC cap which is hers. Cool”. To which the Instagram page responded ” thank you. We are all for credit where credit is due”. So as you can see, no one wants to be tagged with plagiarism. Credits to Masaba for shutting it down, unlike many others who sit and seem to be watching from the sidelines.

Putting pictures side by side of designs and tagging the designers, calling out reputable brands like Nykaa, Lulu, and Sky, Koovs etc. They are also calling out leading stylists who dress their celebrity clients in designs that have been blatantly plagiarised. They also claim that some bloggers have blocked them since being called out for sporting rip-offs.

This super-savvy blog has hilarious captions for someone looking to have good laugh and keep up with the latest copy-cats.

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How to launch a Menswear label in 2018: 1) Be a Rich Delhi Boy 2) Open a store in GK1 3) Blatantly copy @shantanunikhil’s designs. Right @sarabkhanijouofficial? @sarabkhanijou . . Wondering if @nikhil1975 should start offering a cash… err… crash course in… ‘How to successfully copy S&N’ lol . #gandi #copy #lol # #dietsabya #adrapeisadrapeisadrape

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Published Date: April 3, 2018 7:01 PM IST


Updated Date: April 4, 2018 9:59 AM IST