Yoga is one of the best forms of workout that helps one to strengthen their body as well as calm their senses. People all over the world are waking up to the health benefits of yoga and India, where it all started should definitely reap in its benefits. As we celebrate International Yoga Day on June 21, we share with you multiple stories on how yoga helps you in every way. Even though we know how beneficial it is, we don’t always get the time to join a yoga class for various reasons. But that does not mean you cannot reap in its benefits. Most people have smartphones these days and there is an app for everything. We list some of the top yoga apps you can download on your phone to ensure you don’t miss out on your daily ritual whether it is for five minutes or an hour. Take your pick.

Pocket Yoga (Andriod, iOS)

pocket yoga

One of the best apps to practise yoga anytime, anywhere. The app lets you choose a background theme and helps you with all yoga poses. Soothing music in the background as well as an audio that gives out instructions from what pose to do, how to do and also when to inhale and exhale. You even earn karma reward points as you unlock different levels. You can choose your duration and difficulty level based on your comfort. There is also a pose dictionary that shows the right alignment, correct posture and the pose’s benefits and description.

Daily Yoga (Andriod, iOS)

yoga daily

Daily Yoga prides itself in having the largest base of yoga poses and also has more than 100 yoga and meditation classes of different difficulty levels. If you are a beginner, there are classes just for you as well to help you learn the basics of yoga. The app even records your data and helps you analyze your performance right from how many calories you burnt to how much you’ve improved over time. And to make you feel part of a community, it has an option to share your yoga moments, ask any yoga related questions or simply befriend other yoga enthusiasts. (ALSO SEE 5 yoga poses to do right after you wake up)

Yoga Studio (Andriod, iOS, Windows)

yoga studio

If all you want is yoga without the added clutter of themes, candles, etc, Yoga Studio app is perfect for you. It has HD videos of various yoga classes and even gives you an option to create your own class by choosing poses and stitching videos together. There are classes for different levels and the duration ranges from 15 minutes to an hour. It also lets you sync you a class with your calendar so that you don’t miss one. Add poses to your favorites list to find them easily or create your own class.

Global Yoga Academy (Andriod, iOS)

global yoga academy

Apart from selling yoga wear on their website, the Global Yoga Academy app lets you choose a session that is as short as 5 minutes or that lasts 60 minutes. The main focus of this app is to help you improve strength, balance and flexibility. It even has meditation classes and all videos are HD. The app also has specific classes for problems like back pain or for runners or just sun salutations. You can even get information on poses, nutrition and more in their community. (ALSO SEE Yoga asanas for beginners)

5 Minute Yoga (Andriod, iOS)

5 minute yoga

Just as the name suggests, this app is for people who cannot take out too much time at once. The session lasts just for five minutes and leaves you refreshed and energized. Obviously, just five minutes of yoga in a day will not benefit you much so we suggest that you do it multiple times a day. Some people use it to do yoga once every hour which is perfect for those with a desk job to stretch their body at regular intervals. All poses can be done by beginners.

FitStar Yoga (iOS)

fitstar yoga

An app that features yoga sensation Tara Stiles, FitStar Yoga helps you achieve your goals by tracking your progress and customizing sessions based on your physical fitness levels. It even has an option to choose a personal trainer who will guide you for every session. The poses evolve as you progress and help you reach your goals. The app promises to let you do yoga even in the tightest of spaces so that you don’t miss a session. (ALSO SEE Yoga poses for better sex)

Universal Breathing – Pranayama (Andriod, iOS)

universal breathing

Yoga is incomplete without the breathing exercises that not just help calm our senses but also improve our health as our lungs take in more oxygen and expel out toxins. However, yoga breathing or Pranayama have a set technique that needs to be practised with precision. If you want to focus on this, this app teaches you just that. Just 15 minutes of Pranayama every day helps relieve stress and has multiple hidden benefits as well.

Salute The Desk (iOS)

salute the desk

Most people have a sedentary lifestyle which is as bad as smoking and so it is important to keep stretching your body every hour. Salute The Desk app has yoga poses that you can perform sitting on your chair. It is perfect for people with a desk job who do not get much exercise throughout the day. The app even tracks your progress and gives you the data for you to see how much you’ve worked out. The app has yoga poses as well as relaxation guides. (ALSO SEE Why you should do yoga while travelling)

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