Kareena Kapoor is a diva in her own right and an icon for several millions who love everything about her. Right from the time of her debut to her wedding to Saif and more recently, her pregnancy and the birth of her child Taimur, there hasn’t been a time when Bebo was not in the news. She is a believer of clean, healthy eating and gets her diet wisdom from celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar. In fact, Rujuta has written several books on diet and Kareena has often been instrumental in promoting them. The two make for a good team and often come together for live sessions to bust myths about diet. So when Kareena was pregnant, it wasn’t a surprise that she looked so good and more importantly healthy, thanks to Rujuta’s sound advice. Kareena is also on her way to lose all the post-pregnancy weight in a healthy way and we often spot her heading to the gym and eating right. Kareena inspired several to-be moms to keep an active life despite being pregnant and even now, she looks wonderful and does not shy away from talking about how healthy she is despite being a mother to an infant. Keeping in mind how people would want to know what Kareena eat and how she’s shedding her post-pregnancy weight, Rujuta came out with her new book called Pregnancy Notes. And just like before, it was none other than Kareena who unveiled it at the launch, along with the nutritionist. (ALSO SEE 10 times Kareena’ maternity style was spot on)

The book is a guide for any woman who wants to ensure she has a healthy pregnancy, for those who are already pregnant and for mothers who have had their babies recently. It tells you everything about diet and nutrition before, during and after pregnancy. Rujuta even mentioned that she wrote the book because Kareena and few of her clients got pregnant and that is what inspired her. Rujuta is known for her love for Indian food and simple eating. She does not preach eating exotic foods that are not really grown in India and also tells people not to give up basic foods like ghee, oil, rice, etc in order to lose weight. (ALSO SEE Kareena’s post pregnancy weight loss plan)

She did a Facebook Live where you can see both Kareena and Rujuta launch the book Pregnancy Notes and also answer some questions on this topic.

Take a look at the video above and if you are a woman who is planning a pregnancy, you can do it the Kareena way and enjoy this phase of your life without compromising on your health.

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