Getting married  is a big deal. Once the dates are out, the whole family sets out to start the preparations. But amidst al this hype and running around, we often forget the cool things that we could do before getting hitched. So if you are planning to get married or if the talks have begun, let us tell you the preparations will keep happening. The talks will never end. But before anything is finalized, these are some of the things that you must definitely not miss out on.  Focus on yourself and what keeps you happy so that when the D-day is nearing, you are all set and mentally prepared to take the big leap. So here is our interesting and exciting bucket list of things you need to do before marriage:

1. Travel with your friends or your sister:

travel friends

This is the foremost thing that you must do before you get married. It goes without saying that traveling to a new place is always refreshing. And when it is with people you love the most, the fun quotient just grows.  A trip with your ladies will also give you clarity about what you actually want from life. You might be surprised by the answers you get.

2. Travel with your future partner:

couple travel

If you have decided who you are getting married to, then make at least one trip with him before you finally take the vows.  Even a weekend trip is sufficient. Traveling with your prospective future spouse often helps you understand him better. And let us warn you, there might be some fights or quarrels.

3. Experience heartbreak:


The wise folks say that heartbreak transforms a person completely. It makes you stronger and will help you understand life a lot better.  It also teaches you a very important lesson that Love and Life should never be taken for granted.

4. Face at least one fear:

adventure sports

Life is an adventure. So do not hold back and just face one of your biggest fears.  Be it public speaking, adventure sports, or anything else. Go out there and do it and you will feel extremely liberating. This one is a must do before marriage.

5. Talk about money with your partner:

money talks

Before you get hitched, ensure that you speak about finances and how to manage them post marriage. Plan your long term goals and decide on how much should be spent and who much should be saved. These talks may seem silly, but it is very crucial to do these.  You certainly don’t want to repeat all the money mistakes you made when you were single

6. Live alone in a different city:

live alone

You must live alone at least once in life. Now not literally alone, you can definitely have roommates. We only mean that away from parents.  Living alone will teach you to appreciate the things your spouse will do for you after marriage.

7. Keep yourself fit:

fitness girl

Take good care of your health and work hard towards getting fit. It is not only a healthy habit, but it will also give joy to be able to wear your favorite lehenga and bikini on your honeymoon. Stop eating junk and drinking excessive alcohol. You will see the difference on your skin and you will glow even before your wedding day.

8. Love yourself:

love yourself

These days, several people suffer from low self confidence and also self appreciation. It is very important to love yourself first before you start loving another human being.  Once you start treating yourself with love, you will realize how special you are. This will help you to understand that you do not have to settle for anything less than you deserve. Wake up every morning with a smile on your face and stay determined to do at least one thing every single day that makes you happy.

9.  Go on a solo trip:

girl student

After all your tips with friends, fiance and family, it is now time that you set out to explore this beautiful world all on your own. Solo trips are essential for every woman who is going to start a new journey in life. A journey all alone means a lot of time for yourself. You will understand yourself better and what more could you ask for.

10. Complete any course that you may have started or dreamed of: 

If you have always wanted to do a particular course or go for higher studies, do not hold back. Take up a course and complete it.  This is probably the only time when you can finish your studies without having to attend  husband or in-laws. Whether it is an MBA or PhD that you wanted to take up, just do it.

11. Learn to cook:

girl cooking

Now, we aren’t asking you to learn cooking to feed your husband and family. We know and agree that cooking is not just a woman’s responsibility. But if you do learn cooking,it helps you in several situations. Learn it since it is a mater of survival.

12. Fashion experiments:

Carry out all your fashion experiments before you get hitched. Long hair, blue hair, tattoos, piercings, whatever it is- do it right away. You never know what happens in future. So get all your fashion wishes fulfilled.

13.  Keep a diary:

girl diary

Keep a diary to write down all your good and bad memories. It always helps to recollect. So when you are married and think fo old times, the dairy will help you recollect of those sweet memories clearly.

14. Click as many pictures as possible:

And lastly, click a lot of pictures. Pictures are another good way of storing memories. At a certain point of time in life wen you are not able to travel or any of the above mentioned points, these pictures will make you smile and relieved that you got a chance to do the craziest thing.

Tick these off your bucket list and have the time of your life before you take your vows. Wishing you good luck!