Mondays are extremely difficult. We all know that! Getting to work after a two-day weekend can be extremely annoying. What is even more challenging is getting to the gym after a couple of break days. We need to take all the motivation we can get to make sure we do not stop our exercise on Mondays. Thankfully, there are amazing influencers like the lovely Malaika Arora who do this for us. (ALSO SEE Malaika Arora turns 44! Here’s How the Yummy Mummy Stays Fit) The gorgeous diva has been posting some amazing fitness and yoga videos that her fans love to watch and get inspired by. Be it Malaika has posted this inspiring fitness video which is all the Monday motivation you need.

So, if you have not hit the gym already, make sure you take a leaf from Malaika’s book and head to the gym before the day ends!