Mandira Bedi is definitely the the poster girl for fitness, thanks to her amazing physique. She has come a long-long way from her early Bollywood days to now. Even after giving birth her son via C-section and gaining 22 kilos during her pregnancy, she was dedicated to her fitness routine to get drool worthy abs and slip into her 26 inches waist size jeans. Mandira Bedi revealed in a recent interview with Pinkvilla everything about her diet. If you have always wondered about Mandira’s diet and daily routine, we share with you everything you ever wanted to know about the fitness enthusiast’s diet. (ALSO READ Sunny Leone reveals what she eats in a day to maintain her svelte figure).

Mandira starts her day with a dash of apple cider vinegar with hot water, she claims that this remedy has improved her skin a lot. She follows this with a cup of black coffee with a teaspoon of coconut oil in it. Before working out she also has some fruits and a cold coffee. For some extra energy she has a toast with eggs. Breakfast is her favorite meal of the day. When she is having a morning breakfast buffet at a hotel she does not mind having a waffle with her regular eggs, toast and coffee.

Mandira has fixed meals times thrice a day and also has a snack in between her lunch and dinner. One diet rule she never breaks is to have her dinner at 7.30 pm. When eating out she has her dinner by 8.30 pm, she always insists that her dinner has to be early when she is heading out for dinner with someone else. Otherwise she says her son Vir and her dinner time is always between 7.00 pm and 7.30 pm.

She likes to indulge in simple meals and has dal, sabzi roti for both lunch and dinner. When she gets hungry in between her meals, she tries to stick to healthy options like puffed rice, makhana and different kinds of soya nuts rather than a bag of chips. She does not keep calorie count and eats moderately.

Though Mandira is a vegetarian, she tries to get a whole lot of protein by having tofu, paneer and soy. Her post-workout meal is a protein bar or a protein shake. She steers clear of supplements and fat burners to stay in shape.One hack that she shared recently was before any photo shoot, she cuts down the carbs at-least for three night before the shoot. She replaces one of her meals with a wholesome salad. And, one strict diet no-no is chocolates, as they are her favorites, Mandira binges once in a while, but otherwise avoids chocolates.

Another hack Mandira revealed is to how still enjoy alcohol without worrying about the calorie intake. She says that vodka, whiskey, gin and rum only have 69 calories, when consumed with just soda and a squeeze of lime instead of any sugary drink, you do not have to worry about calories a lot.

Now we know the reason why Mandira Bed looks irresistible fit even at the age of 45! What do you have to say about Mandira’s fitness? Share your views and opinions in the comment section below.