Bollywood star and global icon Priyanka Chopra’s radiant skin is the result of her strict skincare regime. She is very picky about the products that she uses, that suits her skin type. She uses these products to take care of her skin and revealed about these bunch of products in her New York Times interview. She usually finds most of her products from reading magazines and listening to what her makeup artists tell her to do. Here are the eight skincare products Priyanka uses to keep her skin so clear and radiant. Now, you too can purchase each and every product that Priyanka uses and add then to your own skincare regime. (ALSO READ Priyanka Chopra’s beauty secrets revealed! The Quantico star shares 3 DIY beauty packs for looking flawless).

Shiseido Instant Eye and Lip Makeup Remover

Priyanka uses the Shiseido makeup remover to remove her eye makeup. This instant eye and lip makeup remover immediately dissolves the eye makeup without making the delicate area around the eyes dry. This is Priyanka’s go-to eye makeup remover as it works well even on long-lasting makeup.

Chanel Le Blanc Intense Brightening Foam Cleanser

Priyanka uses this rich, creamy cleanser to gently cleanse her skin. No matter how tired she is, before going to bed she removes all the makeup using this cleanser. She washes her face twice as she wears a lot of makeup during the shoot, and removing all the remnants of makeup is important for her skin.

MAC Cosmetics Green Gel Cleanser

Another product that Priyanka loves using is the refreshing MAC Cosmetics Green Gel Cleanser which has cucumber and algae extracts that keeps her skin clean without leaving her skin dry. The actress uses this product as she has dry skin and the soap-free foam of this product leaves her skin clear, smooth and refreshed. (ALSO READ Priyanka Chopra is second most beautiful woman in the world: Quantico star’s skincare and haircare secrets revealed!).

Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate

Priyanka swears by Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate. This lightweight facial oil is a blend of ginger root, sunflower and Tamanu oils is paraben-free and rich in antioxidants. This product keeps her skin looking youthful and radiant-looking all day.

Chanel Hydrating Cream

The Quantico star keeps her skin supple and restores the moisture by using Chanel hydrating cream. This hydrating cream retains the moisture of the skin and keeps it looking radiant.

Diptyque L’Ombre Dans L’Eau Body Lotion

Post shower, Priyanka moisturizes her whole body using a body lotion enriched with macadamia oil, milk and sweet almond oil. She is obsessed with Diptyque L’Ombre Dans L’Eau Body Lotion.

StriVectin Eye Concentrate For Wrinkles

Priyanka has revealed in an interview that StriVectin under-eye cream really works for her. This eye cream visibly reduces fine lines and puffiness. It also reduces the appearance of dark under-eye dark circles. (ALSO READ You won’t believe what Katrina Kaif’s morning beauty ritual for skin tightening is!).

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask

This is one of the best-selling facial masks and Priyanka loves to pamper herself using the SK-II facial treatment mask whenever she is tired or getting on a flight. The mask gives an instant boost to he skin and leaves it visibly radiant and clear.

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