Renowned director of the Hindi film industry, Kundan Shah passed away at his residence in Mumbai on Friday night. The reports say that he passed away after suffering from a heart attack and he was aged 69 years old. And for those who still do not know who this director is, well he gave us a super hit film named Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro, for which he even received a National Award. Though the film did not really do well at the box office, it went on to be a cult movie. Apart from this he has also directed several sitcom like Wagle ki Duniya and Nukkad.  The death of this movie director is a huge loss to Bollywood. After the news of his death was announced publicly, several Bollywood stars also tweeted their condolences.  Several months ago even Inder Kumar lost his life to heart attack. Heart attacks are one of the most common reasons leading to people’s death. Most of it is because of a poor lifestyle, but if you take extra care of your heart, it can also be prevented.  Here are the 4 most important symptoms of heart attack that you should be aware of. The last time we had given you a list of dos in a heart attack emergency situation. This time it is about the symptoms.


If you feel any kind of discomfort or a heavy feeling in your chest or arm or even below the breastbone, consider this as a warning sign of heart attack. The same discomfort if you feel is traveling from the chest to the jaw, throat or arm, this is another warning sign.

Another symptom of heart attack is feeling full in the tummy, indigestion or even a heartburn. Now sometimes this can also be because of acidity. So if you are confused why you feel choked, just consult a doctor immediately.

Sweating profusely, feeling like vomiting or feeling dizzy can also be a warning sign of a heart attack. And if you feel all this with too much weakness, falling short of breath and anxiety, then it is best to rush to a doctor.

Now, to be sure if this is a heart attack symptom, always remember that all these symptoms will last more than 30 minutes. If you feel no relief even after resting, then you can be sure that this may be heart attack.

Now there are people who often get a silent attack also known as  silent myocardial infarction. Though this is seen mostly in people suffering form diabetes, this can occur to anybody. So the best thing you can do is follow a good lifestyle, exercises regularly and stay healthy.