Resistance training, which is also known as weight training, includes those exercises that contract your muscles to make them strong and toned. It involves external resistance like dumbbells, water bottles and resistance band. You use these objects to cause muscle contraction. According to researchers, weight training is beneficial for women and especially those above the age of forty. However, the number of women lifting weights is low. Women still think that weight training will make them bulky and manly. Most of the women prefer doing cardio and other exercises. It is time to change your workout routine and include some resistance or weight training. Lifting weights will not only melt the fat but will also tone and strengthen your muscles. Here are some more reasons why every girl should do resistance training.

1. You will burn more calories

Weight training will use more calories as you increase lean muscle mass and strength. You are burning calories with each muscle contraction. The increase in lean muscles will allow you to burn more calories.

2. It will improve your physical strength

Resistance training will increase your strength which means you will be able to do your daily tasks more easily. Your athletic abilities will also improve and you will be able to work out better. Moderate weight training can increase your strength by around 50 percent. So, start resistance training today.

3. You will have curves

Weight training
Weight training

You will not look manly on account of weight training, on the contrary, you will have nice curves. As your muscles contracts, you will lose the fat and develop muscles, which will give you an hourglass shape. You will lose your shape if you lose fat as well as muscles. Weight training will help you lose fat without losing the muscles.

4. Lowers the risk of osteoporosis and heart diseases

The muscle and bone mass usually decrease with age. The risk of osteoporosis increases in post menopausal women. As per a research, spinal bone mineral density increases by 13 percent with weight training in six months and this will protect you against osteoporosis. Weight training also lowers the risk of heart diseases by increasing the good cholesterol and lowering the bad cholesterol levels in your body.

5. It will improve the quality of your sleep

Resistance training will help you fall asleep quickly and will improve the quality of sleep. It will also lengthen the sleep time and you will not wake up often at night.

It’s time to start weight training to build muscle and strength. Try it and see the difference.