Pick up lines can make or break your chances of being with someone you met at the bar or at some social event.  Many men have tried and failed and there are some who are still trying to get it right. And when we talk about pick up lines we don’t mean the cheesy, usual ‘Did it hurt when you fell from heaven’ kinds. These are lines that will definitely kill your chances of being with somebody you are attracted to.  However there are some lines that really never grow old. And if you are wondering which pick up lines are legit and should be used, then you have landed on the right page. We will help you with the 5 sexiest pick up lines that will work wonders.  Just make sure you get your timing right. ALSO READ These 5 flirting tips are all you need to get the flirting game right!

1. ‘There must be something wrong with my eyes, because I can’t seem to take them off you’

This one works even today. It is not cheesy, sexual or offensive. If you haven’t tried this yet, we suggest you should.  And when you do, make sure you are confident and are able to build a connection.


2. ‘You know what material this is, it is the boyfriend material’

This one can be used only if you are confident enough to pull it off in style. You can use this pick up line only once you have struck a conversation with the girl. Use this as a part of your conversation and do not make force fit this line. ALSO READ These are the 5 genius hacks to keep the sexual spark alive in a long term relationship

3. ‘You are cute’

This is probably the simplest and the most adorable ways of getting a woman to know that you like her. It may or may not work, but one thing is certain, she will not get offended at all. It will either end in a simple thank you or you two will get going.


4. ‘How does it feel to be the most beautiful woman here’

Yes, this one is cheesy but it can still work wonders.  Since dating is all about competition, no woman will ever detest this pick up line. A woman can never get tired of listening to how beautiful she is.  Also it is also another way of telling that of all the women out there, you picked her. ALSO READ Relationship advice for men: 10 tips that will make your lady love proud of you!


5. ‘Would you like to dance’

Now this is a tricky one and it will work only if you manage to impress the girl with your dance skills. This is one of the most effective pick up line because women love dancing and men who dance. If you are in a club, you should definitely try this one. ALSO READ These 7 genius texting hacks are all you need to impress the person you want to date!

Now before you get all excited, let us also give you a small advice. To make sure these pick up lines work for you, you need to be confident. Keep it subtle and not too dramatic. While using these pick up line, just be the way you are and everything will just fall in place.

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