Relationships are the best when the foundation is truth and honesty. Most of us agree with the fact that relationships are strong and long lasting when partners share their deepest and darkest secrets.  However there are some situations where honesty doesn’t really work. There are times when being dishonest is the best thing you can do to your partner. And we bring to you the five situations where you should not be honest and you also do not have to feel guilty about the same.

1. When you don’t like what he is wearing

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Women tend to take it upon themselves to be a fashion police and decide their boyfriends’ clothes. However, sometimes, it is okay if you tell him that he looks good and you love what he is wearing. You do not always have to tell him that you hate his clothes. Honesty that might hurt the other person can be avoided.

2. When you  think about your ex-boyfriend occasionally

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Just because you are now with a new guy doesn’t mean you have to completely stop thinking about your past relationships. Occasionally thinking about your ex and all the fond memories is pretty normal and you do not have to tell your partner about it. Do not share all this unless you think it is affecting your current relationship.

3. When you can’t tolerate his family

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You love your partner, however his family is unbearable. This is perfectly okay and you do not have to voice your dislike or hatred in front of your guy. Also you do not have to go out of your way to be best friends with your man’s family.  If you are planning to be with him, you will have to adjust a little. After all, you not liking them is your problem and strictly should be yours, not his. So just balance it well.

4. When you put in efforts to look gorgeous

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This is something no man needs to know unless you turn yourself into something unrecognizable. No man ever needs to know that this is how you didn’t wake up. Your hours of hair setting, make up, neatly done nails or anything else should be a secret. If he compliments you for your beautiful tresses, do not go on to reveal that it took a hair spa, massage and hours of blow drying to get it to look like this. Just smile and thank him.

5. That you have had much better sex in the past


Never ever say this to a man unless you want to hurt his ego. You may have had better sex escapades in the past, doesn’t mean that you tell this to him in the name of honesty. If your guy lacks in the bedroom, be a responsible and mature partner and talk to him about it. Never put him down or demoralize him.

These are the 5 times when lying is absolutely okay because you are just being a little careful about your boyfriend’s careful and none of this is harmful anyway.


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