Few days ago, Tinder came up with a list of the most right swiped Indian names for 2016. For those who are not yet familiar with Tinder and its swiping methods, if you like any particular profile, you let them know by swiping right. This is one of the easiest ways of finding a date for you or to just get laid. Usually, when you create a profile in apps like these, you focus more on your bio and your profile picture. Whether it is Facebook, Whatsapp or Instagram, every person’s focus is more on putting up a good picture and writing down a good bio. However, it turns out that, you may get swiped right on Tinder only if you have a good or rather a traditional name.  The Tinder survey that came out with the list of most right swiped Indian names in 2016 is a proof to that. Your name plays a very important role in the dating world especially on Tinder.

Shakespeare’s  ‘What’s in a name’ just doesn’t apply in today’s world.  If you have a good, unique name chances of you getting right swiped on Tinder is high. In the survey conducted by Tinder, the most popular Indian name among men for 2016 is Lalit while Aanchal ranks highest in women.  The other female names that got swiped more often are Sonal, Kritika, Himai, Sakshi, Natasha, Sonam, Shivani, Isha and Sanjana.  Meanwhile among the boys Joel, Junaid, Kushagra, Ryan, Sandipm Joshua, Amir, Satya and Michael are popular and made it to the list.

So going by this survey, we have come to the conclusion that traditional names get the maximum number of right swipes. Basically, even if your profile picture is the best in the world and your bio has everything good and attractive written, there is only one thing that can get you in the game and that is your name.  This survey has definitely come as a surprise to many, but with the release of this list by tinder, the chances of users using fake names may also increase.  Also this survey proves that people prefer traditional names more than contemporary ones.

Other countries also had some really surprising winners. In Australia, the most popular female names to be swiped right are India and Paris. In the US, Hannah and Lucas ranked the top while in UK the most popular names are Harry and Amelia.

Now if you have been wondering why nobody has been really showing interest, you can blame your parents for the name they gave you.