Mango, one of the most loved fruits is a summer favorite that rules the fruit world and many of us simply cannot resist eating it. While the fruit is packed with nutrients and minerals, it has beauty benefits as well. You can use mangoes to make face packs that will nourish your skin and leave it feeling soft and flawless. So save some of this pulpy fruit for your face and try making these natural beauty packs out of them. (ALSO SEE Home remedies to get rid of dark underarms)

Mango face pack to get rid of dull skin

The dust and pollution often settles on our face making our skin look dull and our complexion darker than usual. To take off this layer and bring the glow back into your skin, try this mango face pack. It has beta-carotene and Vitamin A that help boost the skin’s collagen and remove impurities. To make this pack, take mango pulp and after beating it into a paste, apply it directly on your face. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water. Do this once or twice a week to see results.

Mango face scrub to get rid of dead skin cells

Mango can be used to make a simple scrub that can effectively remove dead skin cells and small whiteheads and blackheads from your face giving you glowing, spotless skin in return. Make a mango scrub by mixing the pulp of mango with sugar or coffee powder. Both have a grainy texture and help in removing dead skin cells.  You can add a few drops of milk if it is difficult to mix the pulp with sugar and coffee. Apply this on your face in circular motions and then leave it on for 10 minutes. Wash off with plain water.

Mango face mask for instantly glowing skin

If you want glowing skin in minutes, you can use this face mask that removes tan as well as brings a glow on your face instantly. In order to make this mask, whip the mango pulp with some milk cream or malai and then apply it on your face avoiding the area around the eyes. Let the mask dry before you wash off with water. Pat your skin dry and then see how radiant it looks after one use. You can use this once in ten days. (ALSO SEE How to get fair skin naturally)

Mango face pack for getting rid of spots

Mango is also useful in getting clear, spotless skin when mixed with curd. Curd has lactic acid that helps fade away spots and blemishes. In order to make this pack, mix equal quantities of the two ingredients and then apply it on your face. Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash off with water. Use this at least twice a week to fade those marks away.

Mango face pack to prevent ageing

The rich and pulpy mango is good for firming your skin and diminishing the appearance of fine lines. You can use the fruit as a natural anti-ageing face pack to see results. Use the pulp mixed with a few drops of honey and then apply it all over your face. Try not to lick it and let it stay for at least 15 minutes. Now wash off with lukewarm water and then apply sunscreen if you do this in the day. Use it regularly for 10 days to see visible results as your skin will look and feel plump and healthy. (ALSO SEE Home remedies to manage greasy hair)

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