Do you work out regularly but the weighing scales refuse to move? This can leave one feeling demotivated and even give up because of the lack of results. But rather than giving up, you need to find out what really is causing this and address that issue. Yes, there are reasons why you aren’t really losing enough weight that you should be despite exercising. We list a few of them below. Spot if any of these are the causes for your weight and then change it to see optimum weight loss.

You do not sleep enough

If you do not get enough rest at night, you are likely to eat more carbs and fat-rich foods. Your body craves for it more as it is not well-rested and needs more fats to function. Sleep for at least seven to eight hours every night to get proper sleep and your to recover. You are also likely to suffer from other health problems if you do not sleep enough.

Your diet is unhealthy

Weight loss does not mean starving yourself. Nor does working out gives you the liberty to eat whatever you want. If you are not eating a healthy diet, you will not only put on weight but also make your body weak because you are not giving it enough nutrition by eating junk food. Eat at regular intervals to lose optimum weight. Follow a healthy diet by including fruits and salads, carbs, protein and good fats in your meals. (ALSO SEE 11 quick ways to lose weight fast)

You are too stressed

If you are stressed about multiple things, you are unlikely to lose much weight despite working out. When you get stressed, the hormone cortisol is released which in turn is likely to increase the amount of fat your body stores. This results in lesser calories being burned and at times even stress-eating that is usually junk food.

You are only doing cardio workout

If you spend an hour on the treadmill and expect to lose weight, you are wrong. You need to do weight training as well to not only build lean muscle but also to help burn fat throughout the day. Yes, you burn calories when you run on the treadmill but when you do strength training, you burn fat once the exercise is over as well. Remember, the more muscle you have, the more fat your body will burn. Time to pump the iron! (ALSO SEE Weight loss drinks to melt belly fat)

You have reached a plateau

Your body burns less calories when it gets used to a certain workout. This is why it becomes difficult to lose the last five kilos. In order to ensure this doesn’t happen, keep your body guessing by doing different kinds of workouts or by increasing the intensity of the existing exercises. This will not let it plateau and you will continue to lose weight.

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