Women aren’t the easiest people to decipher especially when it comes to emotions and matters of the heart. When you are in a relationship with one and spend enough time with them, you realize that they always do not spell out things for you. Sometimes, you need to pick up things based on their actions or their moods. Figuring out if they are mad at you for something you did or said can be tricky for most men as they often don’t realize their mistake. So we give you lowdown on signs that your woman is angry with you. If she shows these signs, chances are, she is mad at you and you need to figure out what you did that led to it.

She answers only in monosyllables

Most women love to talk to their better halves by telling them how their day went, or just simply sharing the tiniest of details as it makes them feel closer to you. But if that isn’t happening and her replies have gone from a few lines to words like fine, yes, okay, you should know that something isn’t right. Think about what could have trigged it or simply do something to get her in a good mood again. (ALSO SEE What women want in bed)

Her tone has changed

One of the easiest ways to figure out that she is mad at you is by the tone of her voice. It will not be the usual sweet one but can be curt and sarcastic as well. So if you find there is a change in the way she’s talking, learn that all is not well and there is something you have done that has made her mad for a reason.

She is sweet to everyone else but you

If your woman is mad at you, she doesn’t necessarily show it to others. She can be perfectly cordial and sweet to others but not you since it was you who made her angry. So, if this is what you observe, understand that she is no mood to forgive you that easily and you better apologize soon. (ALSO SEE 7 things men should know about dating an extremely emotional woman)

She hasn’t done much house work

Well even if you two share the work at home, if you find that she hasn’t done her share of the work even though she was free, you know why. She may be mad and wouldn’t want to cook or clean and this should be your cue to fix things. But sometimes, women even go on an overdrive and start cleaning everything they find when they are angry. If you see any of these extremes, just figure out she’s mad.

She rolls her eyes a lot

Everything doesn’t have to be said all the time, it can also be expressed with actions and expressions. If your woman is rolling her eyes at your every little move, she is certainly mad at you for something. Watch her for some time and then find out what’s wrong and fix it before it is too late.

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