The summer season is upon us and as the sweltering heat gets more unbearable each day, our outfits get lighter and more comfortable too. However, if you are getting hitched in this season, you will not be spared from dressing to the nines especially on your special day when you’d want to look your best. But it is also important to feel good and comfortable at the same time to be able to enjoy your big day and be an amazing bride rather than a bridezilla. If you are going to be a summer bride soon, here are handy tips that will help you look beautiful without really compromising on comfort. (ALSO SEE Top 6 fashion tips for the bride-to-be)

Choose a pastel colored outfit

Gone are the days when brides only had to wear bright, shocking colors on their wedding day. Now, you can look like a gorgeous bride even in a muted outfit that is elegant without being OTT. Opt for colors like mint green, pastel pink, sea blue, mustard and coral for your special day as these will look soothing to the eyes in the summer heat. You can accessorize well if you want a more elaborate look for the wedding.

Choose a light fabric

Apart from choosing the right color for the season, the other important thing to keep in mind is the fabric of your wedding dress. A heavy fabric like raw silk or velvet will make you sweat more while a light fabric like net, lace or georgette will look flowy and summery. Choose one of these to be able to move around easily without breaking a sweat on your D-Day. (ALSO SEE Sabyasachi’s bridal couture is here and it is every bit amazing)

Opt for sweat-proof makeup

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Makeup can make or break your look so it is important that you choose the right products and shades. Always ensure that your makeup matches your skin tone or is just one shade lighter. Apart from being waterproof, it is also important that it is sweat-proof so that it does not melt in the heat. Go for a matte foundation instead of a gloss one as it will make your face look shiny. And if you want a more dramatic look, opt for smoky eye makeup or a bold lip color but never the two together as it can look garish if not done right.

Apply sunscreen every day

Use sunscreen

Sunscreen is of utmost importance to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Not only will it prevent your complexion from tanning, it will also prevent skin damage like lines and spots. The days leading up to your wedding are crucial as you wouldn’t want any kind of skin problems ruining your day. So, make sure you apply generous amounts of sunscreen every day which is at least of SPF 30 and offers protection from UV-A and UV-B rays. (ALSO SEE 7 things every bride needs to do)

Soothe your skin with cooling face packs


Problems like pimples and heat boils are common in the summer as the mercury rises. In order to soothe your skin, you can make use of homemade packs that are cooling and nourishing. Make a pack with cucumber juice, honey and milk and apply it once every two days. Or, you can also opt for coconut water and honey pack. Even aloe vera gel is soothing in the summer. You can store the packs in the fridge and apply them when they are cool for a refreshing effect.

Stay hydrated

Drink lots of water

Your skin is what you eat and drink. If you don’t eat right, it will reflect on your face. Because of the heat, it is important that you consume lots of fluids so that you don’t get dehydrated and also so that your skin stays glowing and supple. Deprive your body of water and your skin will start looking dull. Drink at least two-three litres of water every day. (ALSO SEE Top 11 handy tips for Indian bride)

Eat light


The heat makes it difficult for your body to digest heavy food items. Make sure you eat light at least a few days before your wedding as once the functions begin you will probably get to eat only heavy, rich dishes. Chances of an upset tummy are quite common in the summer so make sure you are having lots of salads, soups and fresh juices to keep the effects of those oily dishes to a minimum.

Do not try too many new beauty treatments

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When you enter a salon and tell them you are going to be a bride, they will hard sell numerous bridal packages promising to make you look your best on your special day. But the truth is, a new treatment if it doesn’t suit your skin can cause a rash or allergy. You do not need too many treatments if you are following the above tips. Stick to your usual ones like a mani-pedi, clean-up, facial, waxing, etc. And if you have a skin problem, it is best to visit a dermatologist for the right treatment.

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