India’s Independence Day i.e. August 15 is a day to feel patriotic and proud. From songs to movies, the day is all about remembering history and thanking our freedom fighters who struggled to free us from the British rule. To get into the patriotic spirit, we earlier shared with you tricolor makeup ideas that you can try. And now, we share Independence Day special recipes that you can make on August 15. These have the tricolors and make for yummy treats. Executive Chef of Radisson Blu Atria Bengaluru Chef Kasiviswanathan has shared these recipes with us. Here’s how to make them.


Kaju flower


Cashewnut (powder): 100 gm

Sugar: 100 gm

Food Colour (red, green and Yellow): Little

Water: 50 ml

Milk: 2 tsp


Mix sugar and water in a pan.

Place over moderate heat and cook.

Add 1 to 2 tsp of milk and remove any impurities that float on the surface.

Drain and transfer to another pan.

Place over moderate heat and cook till a one-string consistency is reached.

Add powdered cashews and keep stirring constantly.

Continue to simmer till it achieves a dosa batter like consistency.

Remove and keep aside to cool.

Once it has reduced to a chapatti dough like consistency, divide into 3 or more portions.

To each portion add one food colour and shape them into flowers.

Arrange on a plate and serve.

Orange pistachio white chocolate panna cotta



Amul cooking cream: 450 ml

Milk: 50 ml

Castor Sugar: 90 gram

Gelatine: 10-12 gram

Water: 50 ml

Pistachio paste: 80 gram

Orange crush: 50 gram

White chocolate: 50 gram

Vanilla bean: 1


Soak the gelatine with cold water, let it bloom for 15 minutes.

Bring it to boil cream with milk and sugar, vanilla bean.

Add bloomed gelatine into boiled cream and mix it nicely.

Divide the mixture into three portions, add pistachio paste in one portion, similar add orange crush and melted white chocolate into other portions let it cool.

Pour the green portion in the bottom of the glass, let it set after that pour the white chocolate mixture then followed by orange mixture let it for set in chiller for overnight.

Take it out from the chiller, garnish as you wish and serve.

Feature Image: Shutterstock