We eat many ultra-processed foods in a day without realizing it. Ultra-processed foods include all the sugary snacks you have and are not healthy for you. According to Nova classification scheme, there are four groups namely under processed or minimally processed, processed culinary ingredients, processed foods and ultra-processed. Although there is no set definition for ultra-processed foods, these are typically processed foods with over five ingredients. So, the factory made bread with more than five ingredients is categorized under ultra-processed food. These foods are usually highly profitable and aggressively marketed. If any food contains additives to resemble the smell or taste of any raw food or ingredients that are not used normally in during food preparation, it comes under the ultra-processed group. Here is a list of foods you must stay away from to stay healthy. (ALSO READ 5 harmful food combinations you must avoid).

Diet soda

Coke and chips
Coke and chips

You know how bad this is and you need to stop drinking it. Not only the drink has zero nutrition but also contains additives like artificial sweeteners. According to some studies, artificial sweetener can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes. It has also been linked to depression and headaches.

Frozen dishes like pizza

The pre-made frozen foods are ultra-processed so, it is better to stay away from it. You can make your own dough or have a freshly baked pizza instead of buying the frozen ones. You can also switch to cauliflower pizza base as it is healthy and easy to make. Here’s how to make healthy pizza at home.


Another food you know is not good for your health and yet you cannot resist. From colors to preservatives to flavors, everything in chips is artificial. We know it is hard to give up chip, so make your own chips by using just three ingredients: potatoes, salt and olive oil. Or you can switch to popcorns.

Factory-made bread


Certain bread contains several additives, which make it unhealthy for you. You can have whole wheat bread instead of the white bread. Read the ingredients to know the healthy variety of bread.

Packed cakes

It is convenient to gobble down a small packed snack cake when you are hungry but it is ultra-processed food. These cakes are loaded with preservative, artificial color, artificial flavors and sugar. If you want something sweet after your lunch, you can have a pureed fruits or a tiny spoon of sweet peanut butter.

According to a new study by French researchers, ultra-processed food is linked to higher risk of cancer. So, it is recommended to switch to a healthy diet and avoid ultra-processed foods like mass-produces bread and cakes.