Are you headed for that long cherished vacation or are you just a regular business globe-trotter? Nonetheless, looking chic is a must. Over the years, airports have assumed the undeniable reputation of being starry runways for celebrities. Airport styling is serious business and fashion critics can be particularly ruthless while critiquing. While those arduous traveling woes and the imminent sluggishness is inevitable, comfort and chic dressing is absolutely possible.  Donning just the basic fashion garb and accessories, you too can blend comfort with fashion and create a signature travel style. Airports are also synonymous with fashion defaulters who commit some classic fashion faux pas. Irrespective of the duration and schedule of your flight, there are quite a few factors imperative for traveling. These include airport security checks, temperature shift inside the plane’s cabin and even the climate of your landed destination. For a long-haul flight, additional factors  crop in, like night traveling, crossing continents along with fluctuating climate and time zones. Amidst this frenzy, appropriate airport dressing gains utmost significance. A classic list of Must-Avoids exists for the much-needed hassle free traveling. While we care to pack our bags carefully, including that much-loved dress or shirt but fail to deliberate on airport wear. Imbibe these handy tips while deliberating your airport look and avoid those major #FashionFauxPas! While celebs unfailingly lend us those quirky #TravelFashionGoals, they also commit some classic travel mistakes that need to be avoided! (ALSO READ: Whoa! 12 times Deepika Padukone reminded us why Black is the new Black!)

1. Tight fitting clothes

Lady Gaga Airport Style
Lady Gaga, the famed and quirky pop singer boarded a transatlantic flight in a pair of 12-inch Alexander McQueen armadillo shoes. Unsurprisingly, at some point mid-air, Gaga began to experience symptoms of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a life-threatening condition commonly caused by a combination of in-flight risk factors like low cabin pressure, dehydration, and immobility during a long trip and cramped seats. It causes blood clots to form in the deep veins of the body, thereby even causing swelling in the feet. The situation was salvaged in time and Gaga was advised by the friendly staff to don comfortable clothing. While we agree mere mortals like us rarely (read never) don impractical couture, it’s absolutely essential to avoid stiff, binding and tight apparels and resort to the jeans-sneakers game and reserve the bold outfits for other occasions.

When we think of tight, inevitably the image of Ameesha Patel comes to minds what with her tacky and absolutely figure-hugging numbers. Amy Jacks0n too committed a major fashion faux pas as she donned a crop top with denim, a total no to comfortable airport styling. (ALSO READ: Who wore it better? Vidya Balan copies Deepika Padukone’s airport style!)

2. Clothes that make you feel too warm or too cold

Amy Jackson Airport Style
While we do agree that security check-ins are cumbersome and exhaustive, donning all of your travel outfits to save time isn’t the best idea. You may end up feeling too stuffy or just too cold. Thin clothes like flimsy tank tops or tee shirts can render you cold while donning a stole, shawl, and jacket can render you too warm and stuffy.

Shruti Hasan and Amy Jackson, donning skimpy apparels do not fit the comfortable airport style deal while Raveena Tandon, goes to the other end of the spectrum donning a jacket along with a thick stole that fails to adhere to the idea of uber-comfort and chic airport styling!

3. Maxi dresses and skirts

Sonam Kapoor and Kangana Airport Style
Loose-fitting outfits may spell uber-comfort but they certainly attract the attention of the airport security. While they are comfortable, you run a high possibility of being picked for random checks by airport security who generally believe if you’re wearing something too loose you possibly have something to hide. Sonam Kapoor, Kajol, and Kangana Ranaut show us their absolutely stylish side with these chic maxi dresses but these can strictly be avoided and reserved for the beach rendezvous.

4. Belt

Kangana Airport Style

Unbuckling the belt in the long security queue can be cumbersome, often inviting the wrath of people queued up behind you. For hassle-free traveling, it’s best to leave the belts in the suitcase. While Kangana Ranaut, Sangeeta Bijlani, and Sonam Kapoor show us that waist belts do look stylish when paired with denim, skirts, and cigarette pants, celebs don these cool trends for the shutterbugs! These belts have to be taken out for the security checks and are best to be avoided.

5. Cargo Pants

What Not To Wear To The Airport
Cargo pants are replete with multiple pockets and a nightmare at the airport. Emptying all the pockets is a nightmare and so is invoking the ire of fellow passengers lined up behind you.

6. Statement accessories

Jewelry to avoid at airport
Let’s face it! Simplicity is the key to airport fashioning. Avoid outrageous accessories such as earrings and statement necklaces. These may bear laces, straps, and zips that may look chic but can meddle with security check in and detaining may be inevitable.

7. Stilettos and Boots

Kareena and Kangana Airport Style
These shoe closet must-haves should strictly be avoided when you are globetrotting. It’s perfectly fine to flaunt your toned calves and your Jimmy Choos and Louboutins anywhere else but the airport. Lending yet another classic example, Lady Gaga had tripped at the airport owing to her bizarre towering heels. Stilettos are absolutely an in-flight disaster waiting to happen. You may slip on the sleek and slippery airport floor or lose your balance in a turbulent flight on your way to the restroom. The outcomes may be hilarious with falling on someone’s lap or you may end up with a nasty ankle injury. Bollywood babes Sonam Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut have , on several occasions have sported stilettos and boots while globe trotting.

Bollywood stars Kareena Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut and Amy Jackson have, on several occasions sported stilettos and boots while globe trotting. While comfort is the key, celebs are invariably subject to endless fashion speculation and hence sport them! But for us, aam junta, comfort can be chosen over style any day!

8. Flip Flops and Open sandals

Sonam Kapoor Aiport Style
While flip flops invariably spell comfort and are casual, it’s strictly advisable to avoid dangling your feet (kempt or unkempt) and distract your co-passenger. Also, the airport is replete with microbes and your open feet might just be the perfect magnets for them to cling on.

Bollywood stars Sonam Kapoor, and Varun Dhawan show us how donning open sandals and flip flops can be cool but also unsavory at times.

9. Strong fragrances

Well, it’s said that one should never leave the house without wearing a fragrance. But the intensity of the fragrance at times can be overbearing in enclosed spaces like the airplane. Also, it may trigger allergic reactions for those sensitive noses in the flight. Hence it’s best to avoid perfume, cologne or strong-smelling deodorant.
10. Inappropriate or Provocative clothing
Political, religious, moral and ethnic beliefs are upheld when it comes to airport dressing. Several instances of ticketed passengers from being refused to board flights and changing clothes exist. Also low cut blouses, hanging tank tops and short shorts or the denim underwear is a strict NO for airport dressing. Graphic tees with explicit political or controversial words should be avoided. It’s best to stow these clothes for appropriate occasions.

11. Sunglasses

Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh Airport Style
Celebs don sunglasses as an inseparable part of their fashion game. But remember, you are not a celeb. Often misconstrued as shady (pun unintended), you may end up being a victim of mistaken identity all because you wanted to look ‘cool’. Reserve your uber cool demeanor for places other than the airport.

12. Lots of Bobby Pins

Bobby Pins
Messy buns and those oh so pretty looking updos primarily need a lot of bobby pins. But with a whole bunch of pins, you would be subject to stringent security checks and inevitably have to remove them.

13. Underwire Bra


The wire underlining your lingerie can trigger sensitive airport metal detectors to go off. It’s best to opt for a bra that offers optimal support but also doesn’t render you vulnerable for inspection. It’s also advisable to refrain from underwire bra if you are slated to travel for a longer duration.

With these handy tips, it’s absolutely easy to blend comfort with style. Ignorance to these tips can lead to some hilarious situations with unsavory outcomes. Travel hassle free and channelise your vacation vibes to enjoy to the hilt.