White eyeliner brightens your eyes and switches up your everyday look instantly. So this summer if you are bored of your black eyeliner, ditch the regular liner and opt for a white eyeliner. You will immedietly notice that using white eyeliner  will make your eyes pop and also helps you to look wide awake even when you have red eyes. You can use white eyeliner for  the perfect winged look or the double liner look. We share with you some ways to wear white eye make-up. (ALSO READ 15 genius eyeliner hacks every woman should try!).

1. Double liner look

If you do not want to wear just the white liner, you can in fact apply white liner with any other color to make it pop! Opt for a double liner look by drawing a  winged look using a black eyeliner or any other color on the top rim. Then outline it using the white eyeliner on the top. (ALSO READ How to apply your eyeliner perfectly? Tips to use three different eyeliners to get the perfect look!).

2. White cat’s eye

If you love cat’s eye look, you can brighten it up a little more by using a white eyeliner!Use a white eyeliner to draw the cat’s eye and then add a lot of volumizing mascara to your lashes. You can also use a slightly shimmery metallic white eyeliner to perk up your look!  Keep the rest of the makeup simple, you can add a dash of matte orange lipstick to go with this look. (ALSO READ 9 smart eye shadow hacks every girl needs to know).

3. Frosty white eyeshadow

Use a frosty white eye pencil or eyeshadow  and apply it on your eye lid. Blend it softly and add volume to your lashes by applying multiple coats of mascara. The frosty eyeshadow will brighten up your eyes and make your look radiant. You can also add false lashes to make it more dramatic. (ALSO READ How to get smoky eyes: Here’s the beauty hack Alia Bhatt Googled before appearing on Koffee with Karan with Varun Dhawan).

4. Minimalist look

If you don’t want to opt for a dramatic white eyeliner look you can also opt for a minimalist look.  All you have to do is add white frosty eyeliner pencil on the inner corner of your eyes.  You can also give more definition to your eyes by applying black eyeliner or mascara, The white eyeliner applied near the inner corner will instantly make your eyes appear brighter! (ALSO READ How to apply kajal? 3 different ways to apply kohl for beautiful eyes).

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