Durex, the global sexual well-being brand, has revealed the unofficial safe sex emoji—Umbrella with Raindrops—as part of its ongoing #CondomEmoji campaign. The new safe sex emoji was launched ahead of World AIDS Day, which is celebrated on December 1 to show solidarity and support to those who are HIV positive and to remember those who lost their life due to AIDS-related conditions.Since the reporting of first HIV case, 78 million people have been tested positive for HIV infection and 35 million have lost their lives due to AIDS-related condition. AIDS is among the most destructive diseases in the history.The theme for World AIDS Day 2016 is Hands up for #HIVprevention.


The #CondomEmoji campaign of Durex wants to put the safe sex emoji on every smart phone to help people to talk about safe sex more openly. The campaign has been a success and trended on both Facebook and Twitter. It received support from more than 160 countries from across the globe during a survey.

Over 75 per cent of the people surveyed between the age of 16 and 35 said that emoji are used to discuss sex. Out of ten people surveyed, nine believed that sex emoji would make it easy to talk about topics like safe sex. According to the survey, over 60% of young people said that they are not comfortable discussing sex and 72% of those surveyed said that it is much easier to talk about emotions via emojis. 84% of the respondents admitted that it was easier to talk about relationship and sex using emojis.

Global Director of Durex, Volker Sydow said, “We believe the naming of “Umbrella with Raindrops” as the unofficial safe sex emoji will be a significant step towards helping young people put safe sex back on the agenda,”.


The safe sex emoji has been introduced in support of the fight against the spread of AIDS and HIV. Durex is asking people to share the hashtag #CondomEmoji and use the safe unofficial safe sex emoji to show their support for the fight against this life-threatening condition.

The global sexual wellness brand also released a video to promote safe sex (Picture credit: Durex India/Facebook).