Your work life can get stressful at times and it will not only affect your physical health but will also make you anxious and affect your productivity. As per researchers, being under stress is like multi-tasking as you are controlling your worries and also completing your task. Your cognitive resources are engaged when you worry. A recent study has shown that expressive writing can help your deal with this stress. Writing down your feelings on a paper frees your cognitive resources and you work more efficiently. Expressing your emotions and feelings on a paper will help you perform better under the stressful condition and calm your mind. Here are five more ways to de-stress your mind. (ALSO READ Tips for getting a good night’s sleep: 6 tips and tricks to sleep better).

1. Take a break from the monitor

You need to step away from the screen when you feel stressed. Frequent breaks are required to stay focused, so take breaks while working and shut down your computer an hour before you hit the bed. According to a study conducted by the University of Gothenburg, uninterrupted use of a computer is linked to depression, sleep deprivation and stress.

2. Take deep breaths

You ca try breathing exercise to de-stress. Practicing pranayama will not only calm your mind but will also improve the health of your respiratory system. Even if you do not know anything about pranayama, you can take a few deep breaths to de-stress and relax. Breathing deeply will give you a boost of oxygen.

3. Get a houseplant


Getting yourself a houseplant will help you to calm down. Many plants can actually purify the air in your house and help your relax. Here are some plants you must have in your home. According to a study, plants have the power to decrease your blood pressure. So, get a plant for your work desk today.

4. 10-minute walk

Go for a 10-minute walk every morning to clear up your mind and improve your mental health. The increase in feel-good hormone, endorphins, will reduce your stress and calm your mind. Take a stroll in a garden and it will work like meditation.

5. Eat foods rich in potassium

During stress, you blood pressure increases and eating foods rich in potassium will help regulate it.  You can eat a banana or a boiled potato. This will help your body against the effect of stress like and improve energy.