india fistJanuary 26 is India’s Republic Day to commemorate the day the Constitution of India. 

If you’ve been reading the papers or checking out news websites, you’ll get the impression that this is a bad time for India as a nation. The currency is down, corruption is rife; the gap between haves and have-nots is increasing; a Salman Khan-movie released yesterday  – you get the drift! But we often forget (the author included) the privilege of being born in a democracy. We take too many things for granted; the truth is that to a certain extent this great nation allows us to be free. Yes there are prejudices, age-old traditions and other horrible things but they’re not supported by the law of the land. We don’t have to blindly follow our rulers; we have the right to question their actions, to protest, to raise our voice against things we consider wrong. It’s a great honour to be born in this nation, here are some reasons why:

The right to protest 

Protests seem to erupt every other day in India and sometimes include even the Chief Ministers of states (Kejriwal was not the first), the truth is that we don’t understand how fortuitous we’re to actually have this right. Try it out in China or even Singapore and you’re likely to be in jail for the rest of your life or even worse dead! We might be a flawed democracy, but we still are a democracy.

The freedom of the press 

It’s true that big business has a major hand in the news we get and there are some truly awful journalists, anchors, etc. out there but the press still has a free hand. They can report things and there’s no censorship anymore, the kind we saw during the Emergency.

A place where hard work will get you places

India’s a land where a tea-seller’s son can aspire to become the Prime Minister of the nation, it’s the Indian dream. Despite all the corruption and hardships, there’s hope for the common man as we saw an activist become the Chief Minister of the capital. No other nation can boast of graft and hard work paying such fast dividends.

A land where there’s a desire for change

While there are definitely some old traditions that need to be culled out, there’s a bright new generation which is no longer listening to their parents or elders and believing everything they did. They’re willing to explore things on their own and be the change they want to see in their nation. It’s indeed an exciting time to be Indian.

A cultural melting pot

Since ancient times, many different cultures have made India their home which means that we have is a melting pot of cultures which allows us to view the world in a different aspect. India remains one of the few nations in the world where people of every sect can live in peace and it’s only post-colonial political elements that has caused such a divide between the different communities. wishes you and all Indians a very Happy Republic Day. For more articles, check out our Republic Day Section.