It seems that voting machines also have their choices and want to cast votes this election. As they were not given a chance for the same, a voting machine in Pune decided to transfer all the votes casted by various voters to Congress.

This incident occurred at a polling booth at Shamrao Kalamdi School in Pune. The default was found out by the voters themselves, whenever a voter pressed on any button, the light next to Congress would blink, casting a vote to the Congress. The malfunction was reported by some senior voters who were astonished when the EVM machine casted vote according to its wish.

However, the voting was stopped immediately after the fault was reported.
A local BJP activist Madhur Sahasrabuddhe said, “The Election Commission authorities have ordered a new machine for this particular polling booth which is expected to come soon.”

A fresh voting is arranged for those 28 voters who casted their votes in that EVM machine.