After rocking Delhi and Gujarat with his grand roadshows, Arvind Kejriwal is now visiting Mumbai, the national financial capital to create a stir and have a thousand photos taken.

After flying into Mumbai Kejriwal is slated to take an auto-rickshaw to Andheri station (not sure how why he’d take an auto from the domestic airport to Andheri rather than Vile Parle) before boarding a local train to Churchgate in the heart of South Mumbai. From there, Meera Sanyal (the south Mumbai AAP candidate) and Kejriwal will head for a private meeting after which Arvind plans to create more traffic jams by travelling to the August Kranti Maidan and Khilafat House. Post that Kejriwal will then take the Eastern Freeway during peak hours creating more nuisances to the aam aadmi of Mumbai.

If Kejriwal is truly targeting Mumbai city as his second major target after Delhi, maybe he should realise that Mumbaikars value their time. They aren’t fans of road blockages and being held up in traffic jams due to political tamashas. Even Narendra Modi, knows this making sure to visit Mumbai over the weekends mostly.

The AAP in Mumbai is fielding two candidates, ex banker Meera Sanyal from South Mumbai and social activist Medha Patkar from Mumbai North east. With more than 4 main parties in the fray both candidates aren’t expected to win the elections, though their vote share will be rather large and will make it tough for the incumbents to win again.