Mr. Arvind Farziwal, we knew that this rubbish drama was coming. Since you were quiet for a week, something shambolic like this had to happen. First you break the law, and then you create a ruckus. If this is the new form of politics you were to teach the existing political parties, then you should feel ashamed of yourself and your party.

At the first instance, if you were so curious to see/analyse the development in Gujarat and stage another melodramatic road show, then you should have known that a prior permission is needed for the same. Now that you were detained for conducting a road show without permission, you expect to roam free on the streets of Gujarat just as you did in Delhi? What example you are setting for people around the country, to break laws for such petty reasons?

Who are you, someone above law? Or is your party’s foundation so weak that if their leader is being detained for unlawful activity, they will stage violent protests in front of another party’s headquarters? The matter doesn’t end here; even while staging protests in Delhi, you didn’t take prior permission from the Delhi Police, gathered large crowds and illegally started protesting for a no-brainer reason?

If your party workers are so beloved to you, you shouldn’t have thought of taking the law in your own hands. Isn’t this just another political gimmick for cheap publicity? Traveling to Gujarat and being so overconfident of breaking laws and attracting mass attention is just another act of foolishness. People had thought of seeing a change when you entered politics, but instead of that all they got is your cheap publicity stunts.

Raising slogans of Narendra Modi being rattled by your presence? I think it was your road show which flopped so badly that you’d to switch to such whimsical drama. On the day when the Election Commission issue guidelines for the General Elections 2014, this is how, your party reacts? Is this the way Aam Aadmi Party is going to campaign for the upcoming elections?

Somewhere down the line, the Congress party would be happy, that their Plan B is bearing fruits at the right time.