Over 40 days in power, and still no sign of any ban on the cow slaughter. Prime Minister Narendra Modi repeatedly said in his electoral campaigns about banning the disgraced act of cow slaughter. Narendra Modi in his speeches extensively said, “Supreme Court has declared ban on cow slaughter, then why is the incumbent (UPA) government not passing any law on cow slaughter?” But almost a month-and-half later after Modi government assumed power in office, there has been no statement on this cause, leave alone passing any bill or law.

‘Pink Revolution’ is what Narendra Modi opposed before 16th May, but after that it seemed just a political gimmick. Twitterati, like always have been vocal airing their views on social media on Sunday. #BanCowSlaughter is trending nationwide on Number # 1. The social media users are urging the government especially Narendra Modi to pass a law on banning the immoral services of slaughtering cows.  We bring to you a list of tweets of people pan-India which shows their anger towards the Modi government over non-addressal of the pre-election promise.