Children are believed to be closer to God but at an age when they need grooming and are helpless, some monsters are able to torture them to satisfy their own sadistic pleasures. Blind kids being tortured is probably the most horrific incident of sadomasochism.

How can a human be so cruel to anyone, to make it worse the kids that were tortured were blind. Three blind students that were tortured are from Greenfield school in Sarvaparam, Kakinada which is less than 500 kilometres from Hyderabad. The principal of the school, Srinivas and a correspondent KV Rao have been caught on camera during the heinous crime.

The incident happened on 18th July 2014 and was later uploaded on YouTube after which it went viral as people reacted to the shameful acts. The students, Sai, Joseph and Surendra, who were tortured were beaten and they have been traumatized by the incident. Their only fault was that they were making noise which brought down such wrath on them.

Following the video going viral online, angry people broke furniture and cornered the culprits who pleaded innocence but later confessed.

We await news about what action will be taken against the two culprits but it stands to show how the teachers that are supposed to show young minds the path to the world have themselves lost the right path and affect the lives of children forever.
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