New Delhi, July 30 : Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad today attacked Congress for raking up the matter of alleged bungling of Union Minister Nitin Gadkari‘s residence, terming it as a “non-issue”. “Here is a case where Home Minister Rajnath Singh has categorically said that the bugging issue is baseless. I think there is no element of truth in it. Gadkari has denied and no one has complained. Yet the Congress is crying foul about it why?” he told reporters outside Parliament House here.

The BJP leader said Congress should not attempt to make an issue out of a “non-issue”. “We all know that the Congress has been decisively defeated in this election. We all can understand their desperation. We also know that they are bereft of any issue, but that does not mean that non-issues are made into an issue,” he said.

The issue of alleged bugging at Gadkari’s residence rocked Parliament today with Congress alleging that the methods used in Gujarat to keep tabs on ministers and MPs were being employed at the Centre, a charge stoutly rejected by the Home Minister.