Congress led UPA has looted the nation for a decade and to commemorate their wonderful contributions in make life a pain in the a$$ for the majority of Indians, All India Bakchod who are very subtle about their sponsors have been given a beautiful video and song.

The time has indeed arrived that Congress goes out of power, it feels like the time like during the India vs Sri Lanka Final match for the ICC World T20 2014 trophy when Yuvraj SIngh tried again and again to prove his worth while hogging the strike and Virat Kohli kept waiting at the non-striking end or the opposition where all he could do is fume at Yuvraj Singh’s performance very similar to how BJP and the rest of India can barely do anything other than fume at Manmohan Singh and her controlling power, Sonia Gandhi till it is time that we get to screw them like they have done so religiously for 10 years.

Do watch the video as it perfectly encompasses key points where Congress excelled as the country went down the drain.