New Delhi, May 21: Former Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal was on Wednesday taken into custody after he refused to furnish a bail bond in connection with a defamation case filed against him by BJP leader Nitin Gadkari.

Kejriwal will be under judicial custody till May 23 when the case comes up for hearing next. Kejriwal told the court that he would not furnish a bail bond in the case as it is of a political nature. Instead, he said he would give an undertaking to appear before the court at every hearing.

“I am fighting against corruption. I will not seek bail as I have not done anything wrong,” the Aam Aadmi Party chief told metropolitan magistrate Gomati Manocha.

Kejriwal was summoned by the court for describing Gadkari as a “corrupt” person. The anti-graft crusader’s counsel told the court that in earlier defamation cases against him, Kejriwal was granted bail on the undertaking that he would appear before the court at every hearing.

The counsel added that Kejriwal would not flee from justice. “I completely agree but what is the problem with furnishing bail bond,” the court said. it added that furnishing a bail bond is a process of law and told Kejriwal that he was seeking different treatment.

Kejriwal responded by saying that it was a case of a political nature and he would not furnish a bail bond.

Gadkari’s complaint said on Jan 31 Kejriwal released a list of “India’s most corrupt” people and it included Gadkari’s name. Gadkari has told the court that “false, baseless, scandalous, defamatory statements” by Kejriwal against him had lowered his dignity.