French government wants expatriates to leave Libya

Paris, Jul 28: French government on Sunday called on all its nationals to quit Libya, “given the deteriorating security situation” prevailing in the African country. “All our nationals are invited to get in touch as quickly as possible with our embassy in Tripoli,” Xinhua quoted the foreign ministry as saying in a communique.

Over the last two weeks, the African country has plunged into chaos following deadly clashed between Libyan forces and Islamist militants in the capital Tripoli and Benghazi where more than 150 people, most of them civilians, have been killed.

After escalating violence, the US, the UN and Turkey have also pulled out their diplomats out of Libya. Attacks on Westerners became common in Benghazi since former Libya leader Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown in October, 2011, prompting concerns over the security mainly in the Libyan second largest city and in the region.