Panaji, March 7: Even as Aam Aadmi Party members complain of intimidation by the BJP in several states, it is the police who are breathing down the party’s neck in Goa.

AAP member Valmiki Naik told IANS Thursday that Goa Police’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has asked the party to submit details and information about the party, its structure, members and even its aims and objectives.

“We have just received a letter from the CID, asking us for these details. We are looking into it and will find a way to respond to it,” Naik said.

Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, who is also an IITian like AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal, had first praised his political contemporary after his powerful performance in AAP’s electoral debut.

However, Parrikar has been extremely critical of Kejriwal lately and has often called him a “nautanki”.

A police source said the letter was sent to the AAP by the Special Branch of the CID which is in-charge of collecting political intelligence.

“It is just a routine enquiry,” a senior police official said.

A day after clashes between the AAP and Bharatiya Janata Party activists spilled across several states, the AAP in a letter to the Election Commission had complained about intimidation by the BJP in states.