Ahmedabad, July 30 : Heavy rainfall for almost three days has disrupted normal life in Ahmedabad with the rain pouring relentlessly throughout Tuesday. The water logging in many parts of the city has left residents exasperated. Speaking to ANI, a resident of Ahmedabad, Bhartendra Purohit said, “All the roads are either blocked or closed due to heavy water logging. There

is an acute shortage of drinking water as the supply of drinking water has been stopped by municipality.” When Sharda Bhen Purohit of Ahmedabad was asked how her daily routine has been affected by the incessant rainfall, she said, “Municipal Corporation is not well equipped to tackle the problem as there are big potholes on the roads.”

She also told ANI, “Kids are unable to go to school and the corporation has made no arrangements for it. There is a lot of drinking water problem, electricity problems due to power cuts in certain areas. People are finding it hard to even go to office.” Despite the problems in the urban areas of Gujarat such as water logging, traffic jams, power cuts, delayed flights etc, the rest of the Gujarat especially the farmers in rural regions have welcomed the showers.