revolver_illustration_by_lisagilly-d67wdkb copyTo cash in on the gruesome gang-rape that occurred in Delhi over a year back, the Indian Ordnance Factory has come out with a small version of a revolver which can be kept inside a purse as a precaution.

The .32 bore 500 gram revolver, priced at a little over 1.2 lakh will be available from the end of February 2014. Will it really be a boon for Indian women to be carrying firearms in their purses?

Sure the idea that a woman carrying even a small bag could have the concealed weapon will be a minor deterrent but what about the safety of the woman from the revolver itself? Indian made pistols are not known for their craftsmanship or reliability. What about the accidental shots fired that could harm the woman carrying it from the other things in her bag?

Unless these issues are addressed and the women or men who are willing to buy the gun are given the basic training to safely operate them for the purpose of one’s own safety is of pivotal concern. The manufacturer claims to have already received many orders and multiple inquiries about the mini-revolver but with such poor implementation of gun laws in our country, is the product really going to be a boon or a bane?

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