Dubai, Feb 20: An Indian national in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was sentenced to death for killing his wife last year and dumping her body with the help of a Pakistani national.

The Pakistani national, who is identified by his name’s initials RA, 28, was also awarded death sentence by a Dubai court Wednesday for assisting the Indian, identified as AB, 23, in killing his wife, the Gulf News reported. AB is still at large.

A Bangladeshi labourer found the body in a garbage bag on the Dubai-Al Ain road.

Police got to know the details of the case after the Pakistani national was arrested.

The incident happened March 11, 2013.

“AB called me to his house and asked me to drop him at the airport. He was acting odd when I got there. He said he had killed his wife and that her body was lying in the bedroom. When I went there, I found that she was still alive. So I strangulated her,” RA was quoted as saying.

The duo then dumped the woman’s body near a farm on the Dubai-Al Ain road.

Later RA dropped AB at the airport.

“He gave me a gold bracelet and asked me to buy an air ticket. They were going through marital problems. He couldn’t divorce her as he couldn’t afford to pay the alimony,” RA told the police.

He was not present in the court when the sentencing was pronounced.