Indian-flagIndia is the biggest democratic country of the world where hundreds of political parties claim to have democratic values and to work for people. But there could be a serious discussion over one question; are those parties following the democratic structure? There are many instances where we have witnessed party’s leadership acts in a dictatorship manner and the party workers also follow them as a godfather to remain in party.

Yesterday, Samajwadi Party expelled its Lok Sabha candidate Sarika Bhagel and her husband Devendra Bhagel for calling party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav “Buddha” (old). Within hours his comment over Mulayam Singh Yadav came out, Samajwadi party expelled him and his wife accusing them for misusing the power. This is not the first time happened when someone criticised or commented on party chief and he had to pay.

When Samajwadi party’s senior leader Azam Khan made his displeasure over the handling of the Muzaffarnagar riots, Party asked Azam Khan to resign and to conform the party discipline.

Samajwadi party have done this kind of dismissals earlier too. Party has expelled one of the closest aides of Mulayam Singh Yadav, Amar Singh and Jaya Prada from party. Amar Singh was against of Mulayam Singh’s move to bring controversial leader Kalyan Singh in party. He showed his dissent and got sacked from party.

This is not the case only with Samajwadi party but almost every political party in India expects from its member to be loyal with party leadership and not to dissent over any issue. RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav refused to field Ram Kripal Yadav from the Pataliputra constituency instead of Lalu Yadav’s daughter Misra Bharti. Ram Kripal Yadav did not accept this and after some efforts to convince him, party finally expelled him calling him “gaddar” (rebel).

Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal is also an accused of such kind of dictatorship. Aam Aadmi Party expelled its MLA Vinod Kumar Binny when he publicly criticised on party accusing that the AAP is betraying with people of Delhi.

Likewise National Conference from Kashmir sacked its spokesman Mustafa Kamal when he spoke against Rahul Gandhi. National Conference is an important alliance of Congress led UPA.

These were the some incidents when party leadership dominated over party members whether he is senior or junior. These incidents also show that how party pushes its member to agree over any decision made by party boss. If the member is not comfortable with the decision, either he should be quite or would be expelled from party. In a democratic country where we have freedom to express our opinion, political parties’ such moves are against of democratic values. Instead of considering their opinion, party leader act like a dictator and throw them out. Probably, that’s why we often see workers and even senior leaders touching the feet of party chief to assure them their loyalty.