Union Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde has a serious case of foot in the mouth syndrome. From claiming he had reports of the RSS and the BJP promoting terror via terror camps to claiming that the Coalgate scam would be forgotten just like the Bofors scam. Clearly, Shinde takes the cake when it comes to making ridiculous statements.

The latest in his slew of WTF statements was made at a speech he gave at Sholapur in Maharashtra, where he plans to contest the Lok Sabha elections form.  He claimed the media has been passing false propaganda and negative news about the Congress in order to provoke the Congress party. He then went on to add that, he would crush the media using the intelligence agencies under his authority (which are supposed to be fighting terror elements, rather than Congress opponents). But what really took the cake in the speech was his demand, that the media should report positive stories.

We wonder what kind of news would Mr Shinde like us to report on?

Would it be, when Rahul Gandhi entered the Wankhede Stadium to the crowd start chanting “Modi Modi”?

Would it be this image where Rahul Gandhi in the company of other Congress leaders is releasing balloons while millions of Indians are below the poverty line?


Or should we in the Media simply carry blank pages, in order to maintain the illusion that everything is merry while the UPA is in power? Clearly Sushilkumar Shinde is living in a world of his own in Lutyens Delhi. Maybe Shinde must wake up and smell the coffee, India is changing and they want the Congress out.