The past few weeks have seen a steep rise in tensions between Israel and Palestine, following the tragic death of three Israeli teenagers -Gilad Shaar, Naftali Fraenkel and Eyal Yi frach and subsequent revenge killing of a Palestinian teen Mohammed Abu Khdeir. The ultra nationalist zeal instigated by these recent events has led to a very grim situation in the region with both sides firing rockets at each other resulting in heavy loss of civilian life and property, and there is a real possibility of Israeli ground invasion of the Gaza strip.

By Thursday, Israel had carried out more than hundred airstrikes that had resulted in the death of over 88 Palestinians. Similarly, Hamas had fired over 300 rockets into different cities of Israel and called all Israeli as “legitimate targets”. As the situation deteriorates and the world gets divided between those favoring Israel and Palestine, it’s very important to condemn any form of violence as well as realize the ineffectiveness of violence as a means to achieve any resolution on the dispute.

Israel and Palestine are locked in a self-serving vicious cycle of violence where each side’s violent actions not only hurt the civilian population of the other country but also give the other an excuse to retaliate violently. The cycle of violence goes like this-Hamas fires rockets in Israel that makes Israel start airstrike into Gaza, which results in death of civilians and that, in turn, justifies the actions of Hamas and gives It a reason to continue firing rockets into Israel.

This cycle of violence is not new to this region, the world is aware of this pattern, but despite that we don’t see a serious effort by the world’s leading countries to bring these warring parties to the negotiation table. However, What is see is Propaganda from each side to accuse the other side of wrong doing and a race to label the other side as oppressive, terrorizing, and evil. These propagandists have used the cyclical violent events in the region to make the clashes look like the clash of cultures and ideas.

There is a need to look at the issue from the perspective of the civilians of the two countries. Palestinians and Israelis have already seen enough violence for a lifetime, and its time to end the suffering of these innocent civilians who are trapped in a war zone through socio-political dialogue. The warring parties need to understand the fact that violence is not the solution. Israel, with its all military power will not be able to eliminate Hamas and other Palestinian groups through the use of violence and similarly, Hamas or any other Palestinian group cannot liberate Palestine through the use of violence only.

To put it in a nutshell, Violence can never be the solution of this problem, Violence can only result in more violence. Lets hope sanity prevails!