New Delhi, July 29 : Former law minister Shanti Bhushan said on Tuesday that he has received enough material against retired Justice Manjunath which proves him unfit for the position of the Chief Justice. Clearing his views about the position of Justice Manjunath he said, “We have received strong material against Justice Manjunath which clearly proves that he is not fit to hold the position of Chief Justice. I don’t understand who is pressing his name for the Collegium.”

“Possibly other members are not aware of his truth. But in any case he will not be able to get the position of Chief Justice because the truth about him has now come out in the public.”

Commenting on a meeting between the government and former chief justices of India and top jurists in New Delhi yesterday, Bhushan told ANI, “The first thing that came out in the meeting was that the collegiums system should be scrapped. Second thing discussed was that the old system of appointment done by consulting the Chief Justice should also be avoided. Third important issue discussed was that if we want a justice system in which public believes and most capable judges are appointed instead of the corrupt ones then change in the system is necessary.”