Flight MH17 of Malaysia Airlines was reportedly shot down by a missile over Ukraine on Thursday, July 17. All the 295 people on board the Malaysian plane were declared dead. The flight was on its way to Kuala Lampur from Amsterdam. It is little known that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s flight was on the same route, only an hour behind. The PM’s flight route was diverted just in the nick of time.

Narendra Modi condoled the deaths of the 295 passengers, who met an ill-fated death on Thursday night in Malaysia Airlines MH17. Modi tweeted, “Our thoughts & prayers are with the families of those who lost their lives on board Flight MH17. We stand with them in this hour of grief.”


Just a couple of days ago, when PM Narendra Modi stressed on deepening bonds with Russia at the sixth BRICS Summit in Brazil, the fateful incident of a passenger airline shootdown occurred. Reports suggest that a missile was fired which lead to the plane’s crash. Speculations are on the rise and demands for an international probe are also being made. As the air crash has happened over Ukraine, and given the recent bitter history of the two nations, Russia and Ukraine, the matters are sure to escalate.

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